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I’m Maria, and I’m a passionate coach dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to thrive.

Through personalized coaching programs, I offer a supportive and transformative space to help you achieve your goals and create lasting change.

This page is an overview of my coaching services.
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I offer personalized coaching programs to help you navigate your journey with greater ease

Mindfulness Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed? Find calm, clarity, and peace with powerful mindfulness techniques.

Career Coaching

Stuck in a rut? Chart your ideal career path, overcome obstacles, and achieve your long-awaited goals.

Coaching for Organizations

Boost team performance and create a thriving work environment. Cultivate strong communication, empower your team, and achieve collective goals.

What others are saying

I had the opportunity to get five personal development sessions with Maria, where we could work on a different topic each time.

First of all, Maria impressed me with her kind and soothing energy, as well as the way she approached and led every session.

Her technique allowed me to feel present and grounded and very safe to open up to her. Regarding the outputs of my coaching with her, I could feel strong, immediate effects on the topics I wanted to work on, as well as a big emotional support from Maria, which gave me strength and the motivation to work on myself and reach my goals. I can only recommend her coaching sessions!

Justine, Berlin

Maria is a very special person and a very gifted coach. She gives you and your issues her full attention and focus during the session. She zooms in on the issue, and from there, she helps you change your mindset.

She has helped me a lot in dealing with (repressed) emotions. She is a very warm person, and genuinely kind, and I recommend working with her.

She bridges the world of business with the world of spirituality.

Tom V , Director

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Together, we can create a roadmap to your next big adventure, but this time, you’re not just following the map – you’re the one holding it!

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