Ever wondered how mindfulness could be your key to a
more content, resilient, and connected life?

This 4-week Free Online Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course is a complete action plan to walk you through every step of the way!

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
FREE Online Course

This course is packed with life-changing tools and practical wisdom
that makes mindfulness accessible and applicable to your everyday life.

Learn to surf the waves of your emotions, even the challenging ones.
Discover how mindfulness becomes your compass in navigating life’s twists and turns.

Cultivate a personal practice that sticks, making mindfulness a part of your routine.
It’s not just about personal growth; it’s about growing together.

This isn’t just any course; it’s very dear to my heart and my practicum
and the culmination of my 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program (MMTCP)
with the legendary Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach,
two of the world’s most respected meditation teachers.

Join me in receiving their timeless wisdom.

4-week Curriculum

  • 1st WEEK Introduction to Mindfulness

  • 2nd WEEK Being right where you are

  • 3rd WEEK Working with Strong Emotions

  • 4th WEEK Bringing the practice with you

About your Teacher


Hey there! I am the Maria behind Maria: Mindfulness and Coaching. I’ve been practising mindfulness for about a decade now. I’m a mindfulness and yoga teacher and an ICF-certified Coach. I co-founded The Mindful Facilitator and work with both coaches and professionals, equipping them with the tools to bring mindfulness to their conversations and workplaces.

While many people turn to Meditation as a quick fix for stress, starting something new during challenging times can feel overwhelming.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible benefits of consistent Mindfulness Practice, both in my clients and myself. I believe that making mindfulness a part of your daily routine is the first step towards developing the ability to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and contentment. I hope to see you in the course.

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