Community Yoga in Finchley Central


It’s not always easy to be consistent with our practice.

Life often throws distractions our way—circumstances that test our patience, push our buttons, or keep us too busy. The journey becomes smoother when we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals.

Bring a friend for FREE, and let’s grow together.

Which yoga style do we practice?

In our sessions, we practice Hatha yoga, a style deeply grounded in secular wisdom and enriched by insights from the science of movement and well-being.

A typical class involves a series of deliberate physical postures (asanas) and focused breathing techniques. The pace is generally slower, emphasizing static holds compared to the more dynamic flows.

Beyond the physical, Hatha yoga can profoundly impact our mental and emotional states. It has the potential to elevate feelings of joy and well-being, facilitate the release of sorrow and grief, and foster both relaxation and dynamism.

Who is this class for?

This class is open to all fitness levels and ages. Hatha yoga has generally longer-held postures and slower movements than other yoga styles, and this makes it an especially accessible practice. Also, you’ll be offered variations to match your specific needs.

Research has shown that Hatha yoga has a wide variety of benefits, such as

  • Stress reduction
  • Alleviation of depression symptoms
  • Improved flexibility in muscles and joints, particularly in the spine and hamstrings
  • Strengthening of the core muscles and enhancement of balance


Mondays 16.30 – 17.30


14 GBP per person/per class
* bring a friend for free!

Packages of 10 classes at 100 GBP are also available on request.
Please inquire in class or write to


Finchley Baptist Church, 1 Stanhope Ave, London N3 3LX

What to bring

  • your yoga mat
  • water bottle
  • comfortable clothes

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About your Teacher

Maria is a yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher and ICF-certified coach.

She is Italian and has been practising and studying Yoga for over a decade in Berlin, London and India. She is passionate about bringing these powerful practices back to the community and workplaces.

Got any questions?

Email at