The day I started a podcast and kicked my inner critic

I am embracing this whole back-to-school energy and decided to embark on something new.

I recently received feedback from one of my clients, who suggested that our weekly appointment might benefit from a little twist and include some audio instead of our usual blog articles – so I decided to give this a try and see what happens!

I remember a few months ago, my business mentor asking me, ‘Why don’t you give podcasting a try?’ My response? “Nnahh, I’m not cut out for endless solo talking, and I wouldn’t be good at it anyway.”, and I was absolutely convinced of that.

Today, again, as I listened to the final episode before hitting the publish button, all I could hear was

  • my intense, ever-present Italian accent
  • grammar mistakes like no tomorrow
  • my inner critic screaming: why should someone care about what I have to say? and much more

But, as we already know by now, these are just thoughts, and I can decide whether to listen to them or let them go. I can choose to respond and not merely react. So here I am, wreck-balling that metaphorical wall (please feel Miley’s energy with me ) and walking another step out of my comfort zone.

Limiting beliefs are sneaky: be cautious about which thoughts you let shape what you can or cannot do!

This is how I chose to reply to my inner critic today:

I hear you. Thank you for trying to protect me from failure. Today, I give myself permission to be imperfect and start from where I am right now.

And this is pretty much how we can tear down every wall in my life. With gratitude & self-compassion.

Please let me know if it’s something that resonates with you or if it sends you on a grammatical treasure hunt.  If you have any constructive feedback and/or any idea on which topics you would like to hear about, I’d love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for listening,