My Formula to Navigate CHANGE

Going through life transitions can be challenging.

In different articles, we explored how sometimes our brain can perceive change as if it was a Sabre-Toothed Tiger.

Moving to a new country, getting to the next step in your career, getting married, welcoming a newborn, dealing with chronic pain, ending a relationship or building a new habit are just a few examples.

Knowing how to handle change and build resilience will be helpful in lots of different situations.

We can wait for the next change to occur and hope that we are equipped to handle it in a way that benefits us, or we can proactively start building our resilience today and ground ourselves into what I call ‘My formula for Change‘.

These are 3 non-negotiable steps for me.

1. Have a Consistent Mindfulness practice

In my case, a regular Vipassana Meditation Practice is very beneficial to take care of my mental health during periods of stress – but there are many Mindfulness Practices one can choose from, such as walking in nature, practising a sport you love, doing some art… you do you!

It helps

  • Detaching from un-helpful thoughts

  • Reducing your reactivity and making decisions from a place of clarity rather than from a reactive state

  • Enhancing your ability to focus and cultivate gratitude for what matters

2. Find a Community

Relating to people going through similar challenges is incredibly helpful in finding inspiration, strength and drive.

It helps

  • Realising that everybody struggles when dealing with uncertainty: it’s nothing personal
  • Gaining new perspectives, learning new skills, and broadening your understanding of the challenge and hand
  • Finding emotional support when things don’t go your way

3. Ask for Help

Find a Coach, a Mentor, a Therapist, a Mindfulness Teacher, or any individual whose example and knowledge you can learn from. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional, I think a friend can go a long way, but I do think that professional support can really step up your game. 

It helps

  • Establishing a clear vision rooted in your real priorities

  • Creating structure and accountability

  • Speeding up the process of understanding why you may be unintentionally self-sabotaging yourself quickly dealing with that

  • Sharing the mental load with someone who deeply listens to you

To Wrap Up

Change is gonna happen no matter what.

So we can either deal with it as it comes, or we can focus on ourselves and get better at handling it by practising mindfulness, finding a group of like-minded folks to hang with, and asking for help along the way. Building resilience is an intentional project.

As a Coach, I can help you setting this up by

  • establish a regular mindfulness practice
  • connect with a community of like-minded, ambitious souls
  • creating your support system, setting your goal and walking toward the life you want to build for yourself.

More than My Regular Coaching Packages, I am about to launch ‘The Mindful Habit’ to support you along this journey.

The Mindful Habit is an Online Program to help you to establish a Regular Meditation Practice that Sticks. 

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Thank you for reading until here.

Much love,